Monday, November 29, 2010


This is going to be rather picture intensive, but it'll be worth it. The weather today was less than agreeable but Lisamarie was phenomenal and her boyfriend was a great assistant and chauffer. It was cold and rainy and windy but the pictures turned out beautifully. 
Lisamarie made this so much easier because she was such a natural in front of the camera. (Thanks again friend.) 

In reviewing the pictures I was reminded of these song lyrics that encouraged me to find the beauty even in disasters. And with today's disasters with the weather I'd say that things turned out pretty damned beautiful.

If the sea should swallow up my house
I will turn my rooftop inside out and the wind will be wailing
But I will be sailing faster

Oh the elements I do not fear but I fall apart when you appear
Cos you are the greatest
The greatest disaster

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