Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sometimes it all falls down

Forgive me if this post isn't necessarily picture intensive. It will most likely be more word intensive.

I had a meltdown tonight in the shower. I miss Great Nana a lot and I really wish that I could have spent more time with her and learned more from her.

This morning we had our critique in our photography class and I had no clue that it would be so emotional. My presentation that I had of course was emotional for me because it represented something very near and dear to me that I recently lost. But through everyone's journeys through their own photographs I was reminded very much that humans experience grief and loss and that everyone needs something stable in life to get them through.

One classmate took us through a series of images where she was sitting in a chair at a table with an empty chair next to her and all these props representing the things that she and this missing person shared together. Within the first few images you knew that she had lost someone very important to her. It was very hard for her to even explain most of the images because the emotion was still so strong from losing her friend.

Another classmate had felt as if her childhood was robbed from her and then later on in life her fiance passed away.

Another classmate recently lost her grandfather who was like a father figure to her and since then her life has been spiraling downwards.

It was a tough realization that so many people have been through so much hurt.

But even through all of the crap these people represented their life in such a beautiful way, which in turn made them even more beautiful.

It was strange. I wasn't expecting that kind of intensity from a photography critique.

This post might all be a jumbled mess of words and nonsense, but I needed to release.

Even though it was difficult it was all the more inspiring for me to see that photography can tell such emotional and poignant stories and it makes me want to tell more stories with my images.

This next image isn't from my DSLR but I think it is still beautiful. Gotta love my iPhone and the Hipstamatic app.

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