Monday, November 8, 2010

Full of Grace

When I heard that she had passed I knew I wanted to change my focus for my current photography assignment. The assignment was to do "Self Portraits" but the challenge was to not have your face in any of the images. The goal was to capture something in a series of 8 cohesive images that represented a part of who you are or something that is important to you.

The day after I heard Great Nana had passed I went to the store and bought a single rose. This rose was going to be in every image that I shot and would represent Great Nana's presence in my life or influence in my life. Besides the compassion that she had for her very own family her greatest impression that she left in my life was her dedication and commitment to Great Papa. 71 years of marriage is such a beautiful thing when you think about it. Josh and I have only really known each other for 5 years but we've created so many beautiful memories together. What could happen in 71 years? Myriads of memories.

These images represent memories that Great Nana has given to me in my life or lessons to live by that she's exemplified. She is my beautiful rose and she always will be. Always full of grace.

I wanted the image with my wedding dress because it was so meaningful to me to have Great Nana and Great Papa at my wedding.

I have very fond memories of the old player piano at the house on Raintree that Great Nana and Great Papa had in their basement.

She was just so beautiful. Always so beautiful.

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