Sunday, November 28, 2010

Our Humble Abode and the Holidays

I'm always inspired by Kelle Hampton and her ability to just write about the most simple things in life but make them sound like the most beautiful events in the world. She has a really beautiful life that I have to admit I envy sometimes. I wanted to try and follow in her footsteps as much as possible and capture every day things and write about them. Who knows, something beautiful might happen that I just might miss.

Today I cleaned and it was therapeutic. I think I get this from my mother and that's not really a bad thing. I start cleaning up one little area and it begins to spread all over the place. I watched my mom do this while I grew up. She'd start to wash the dishes and then notice the pile of mail next to the sink. She'd take the pile of mail into the living room and notice that there was a stain on the coffee table. Then she'd start cleaning the coffee table and notice that there was a stray pair of shoes tucked underneath. The shoes would then make their way to a bedroom where the bed was unkempt and next the bed was being made. Then she'd walk back into the kitchen and look at me and say "What was I doing in the first place?".

I did that exact same thing today and now the apartment I was dreading cleaning looks pretty damn good. As I was cleaning I was thinking about how concerned people get about others seeing the state of their living space. When we have people over I get really stressed about how things look because I don't want it to reflect poorly on my image.

Well ladee-fricken-dah to that. I will be the first to admit I am no June Cleaver. My apartment is in a constant state of disarray and many times I am shameful of it but way too lazy to do anything about it. When I first moved in right before we were married this place was pristine. I treasured our new humble abode and cleaned off every little spill that would happen right away. That didn't last for very long.

All of this to say, if I'm going to try and capture more of everyday life...all y'all gonna see my dirty apartment. Deal with it.

Most days, the kitchen will look like this:

Not like this:

And now, onto the holiday decorations. I married a Scrooge. But we made a deal. The decorations go up if I put them up. And boy do I love to put up Christmas decorations! I was super excited this year because I got to add another piece of decor to the collection, the countdown calendar!

When my brother and I were little my parents would put little pieces of candy in each slot on the Calendar and we would wake up every morning and run downstairs and take the candy and move the mouse over one day. It's one of my favorite childhood memories and now I can continue the tradition because last year for Christmas my mom gave this to me for Christmas. Now I just need to purchase some candy to fill up the calendar.

And our fun photography experiment of the day? BOKEH FUN!
I still have some tweaking to do with this to get the right shape, but I'm in love with bokeh and Christmas lights are perfect for I created some heart bokeh with my camera and some black construction paper. WALLA!
Tomorrow is the big photoshoot. The forecast is predicting rain. A 90% chance. Boo. Oh well, as Tim Gunn would say...MAKE IT WORK!

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