Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Photo Bug

The poor hubs is sick today and I fear it might be spreading to me also. I'm hoping it's just all in my head.

Besides my adventures in light painting, I haven't really gotten out with the camera much. It's been kind of cold and dreary a few days and with the Thanksgiving buzz and Black Friday hubbub, I wasn't really interested in driving around to places and fighting traffic.

Monday I have my photoshoot with my beautiful friend Lisamarie. I'm really excited about working with her because she's done some modeling before. She's a natural in front of the camera. See how pretty she is?

The photoshoot is for my final project and I was inspired by images that had a vintage fun flair to them. I also want to incorporate some pretty pastel balloons and that awesome suitcase I got from the Antique Mall. The weather isn't looking too promising for the outdoor places I wanted to go so I might have to get a little more creative than I had planned on. Or maybe the clouds will part just in time and we can get a totally awesome outdoor shoot in. ::crosses fingers for a baller sunset::

Here are some of the images I was inspired by.

I'm really excited to do this shoot no matter what the weather will be like. I've been trying to research some new techniques and styles so that my images come out great. I'm also itchin to start editing them. Can't wait for everyone to see the final product.

Until then, here's some pictures I took with my Hipstamatic app on my iPhone that I love. There's a new package that I just bought that has new canvas film and then the lens is called Salvador 84 and creates a duplicate image. I'm pretty impressed with the little camera app on my phone.

Check back Wednesday for some updated pictures!

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