Monday, December 13, 2010

My Little Devil Cat

I love him. I really do. But my cat can be a giant pain in the butt sometimes. He's a peculiar little thing. He prefers chocolate milk over regular milk, he likes lettuce, chocolate pudding and he can't eat his cat food without mixing it with his water first.

He's recently taken the liberties of climbing on the kitchen counters and tonight it cost me one of my favorite glasses. And what for? So he could lick the last little bit of milk in the glass.

Our shoji screen has been ripped to shreds along with our corners of our couches.

All for this little bundle of cuteness. Don't let that pretty face fool you...

Okay, he is cute and I love his guts but he can be a little devil. I just remind Josh everytime Xander acts up and he gets angry, he chose the little booger. We had a choice between the rascally little devil black cat and the sweet, innocent little gray cat.

We ended up with the little devil.

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