Friday, January 14, 2011

(Not) Sew Crafty

The perks of being temporarily unemployed?

Being able to do craft day with a friend at the drop of a hat.

Rachael called me this morning and asked if I'd be interested in some great craft endeavors and within an hour I was grabbing supplies and making my way over.

The ideas were endless thanks to all of the crafting blogs all over the interwebs and we were ready to attack. Refashioned boots made from sweater sleeves and old flats, jazzing up a plain colored shirt with a bleach pen, taking a plaid shirt from the men's department and adding some ruffles to make it something you'd find on the racks at Forever 21. This was going to be fantastic.

I even remembered a couple bags of clothes I was getting ready to drop in a Goodwill bin that we were able to fish through and find some great material for repurposing.

The bleach pen design on the shirt seemed like the fastest craft so I started off with that one and had great success.

Super cute! Right?

Here's R-Lo's...also super cute!

Next it was onto the sweater boots. Take an old pair of flats and some sleeves from a sweater and walla, you have some spiffy boots. I tweaked the original instructions a bit to give them a different look but I'm really happy with them and they keep my feet nice and warm. It makes me want to go out and buy a bunch of cheap flats and make some boots. Lesson learned here though is that you need to use flats that are made out of fabric and not some fake leather because the hot glue sticks better to fabric.

I even used an old shirt for the laces and the flower applique at the top. How creative!
Many of our potential projects involved sewing and this is the area where we did not have great success. Rachael attempted to stitch the ruffle fabric on her machine and the thread was just ending up in a globby mess. Sad face. She paused for a moment to recompose herself and make this adorable headband.

I realized that I had a sewing machine in my car that my mom had purchased for me for 2 dollars at a garage sale. Introducing, the Tiny Tailor.

Friendly and unsuspecting looking right? WRONG. Tiny tailor makes me want to crawl into a dark corner and rock back and forth. I might have had better luck trying to figure out how to disarm a bomb. For awhile Rach and I both attempted to figure out the tiny mean machine, but then she resorted back to trying to fix her machine and Tiny Tailor and I were left to duke it out.

In the end, he won. Hardcore. I felt very defeated and in the end I was left wishing I had tiny little fingers like Denise from SNL in order to work all the little parts.

Our crafts that involved sewing did not get done, which was the majority of our plans, but all in all it was still a fun and successful day. 

Tiny Tailor, our battle will resume.

Until next time,

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