Monday, January 24, 2011

Brazilian Meat and High Stakes

I have some major catching up to do but that means that this will be filled with lots of pictures.

And the crowd goes wild.

Ahem. First I'd like to headdesk because I was trying to clear off my computer the other day so that it would run faster, all these pictures are taking up a lot of space,  and I made the mistake of not moving over some pictures to a flash drive and so now most of my pictures from the weekend trip to Springfield are gone.


I'll recap with what pictures I have.

 Load it up! It's time for a rousing game of "In My Nose" and a weekend full of visiting some of Missouri's finest treasures. Trust me, Branson is chock full o' fun.

Before we left I called Mom to ask her if I needed to bring something nice to wear to dinner for AJ's birthday and she said she didn't know where we were going yet. It was a toss up between a Brazilian restaurant and Lamberts, both two totally different types of places. She said I'd need something nicer for the Brazilian place and probably couldn't get away with a plaid shirt like at Lamberts. Well I didn't even have a plaid shirt which is a staple for looking like you belong in Southern Missouri. Walmart Clearance rack to the rescue. Plus it's Miley Cyrus brand...can't go wrong there right?

Annie was excited to have all of her people in her home. She ended up being the most popular subject in front of my camera that weekend. She's a talented pup model.

We ended up going to the Brazilian restaurant for AJ's 20th birthday celebration and I don't think I've ever consumed so much meat in my entire life. It was a 3 course meal but I think one could be just fine with the meat portion of it. They offer 15-17 different kinds of meat each night to try! Thatsa lotta meat. Check it out!
  • Alcatra: Full Top Sirloin
  • Filet com bacon: Beef tenderloin wrapped in bacon
  • Fraldinha: Garlic marinated ribeye
  • Piconha: Rump roast cut
  • Bife Chorizo: K.C. Strip
  • Lombinho: Pork Loin
  • Salsichao: Pork Sausage
  • Pernil de cordeiro: Leg of lamb
  • Coxa de frango: Chicken leg
  • Peito e Frango com: Chicken breast wrapped in bacon
  • Ham
  • Horseradish Marinated Full Sirloin
  • Parmesan Encrusted Beef Tenderloin
  • Provolone Stuffed Ball Tip
  • Blackened Tri-Tip
  • Chimichurri Marinated Beef Medallion
  • Brazilian Meat loaf
  • Sea bass
  •  and Feature meats of the day


I couldn't go to a Brazilian Restaurant without ordering a Caipirinha. It's a drink I discovered down in Guatemala while living there and have had such a hard time finding a good one back here in the states. I love this drink because it's so simple and fresh tasting and if you can find the ingredients it is so easy to make!

On each place setting at the table there was this item that looked almost like a salt or pepper shaker. We found out that if you flip it to the green side it means that you are ready to partake of the meat madness and if you flip it to the red side it means you can't take no mo. If you lay it flat so neither color is preferred we found out that the servers heads will explode.

The rest of the weekend was filled with a trip to Branson, about an hour south of Springfield, where we visited a few outlet malls and the Branson's Dick's Five and Dime which had every trinket and knick knack under the sun. We also made a trip to the massive Bass Pro Shop in Springfield. I jokingly said they should just put clothing racks and display cases in the middle of a forest and call it Bass Pro and then I walked inside. Yust nuts.

This trip was topped off by the best stop of all (for me at least)...The Missouri Cheese Outlet. How could you not be in love with a little gas station with over 40 different kinds of cheeses to sample and buy. This girl was happy!

This past Friday I decided to join my parents and my Aunt and Uncle for a game night. My mom recently purchased a game from 1974 called "High Stakes", much like Monoply but only a lot more fun because gambling is involved. Mom says she grew up with the game at her Grandparents house and was excited for all of the memories to come flooding back for her sister while they played. Surprisingly, Lori didn't remember that part of her childhood and my mom was in a state of shock and awe throughout the night that she couldn't recall such a poignant part of her childhood. 

Lessons we learned from the night and quotable quotes to go along with:

Volunteer to become the banker because apparently the banker always wins. Mom was the banker, mom won.

Don't pull to hard on the mini slot machine handle or you'll break it. Ahem. Dwayne.

Craps was my game of choice. I should never step into a gambling arena at all.

"I'm gonna buy that cheap ass hotel."-Mom

Before I continue I must say that Mom lead the most interesting life in this Vegas world, she was the banker, ended up in jail numerous times, had the most properties (next to Lori), had a quickie marriage annulled and walked away with the most money. 

On purchasing another hotel dad says "There's a tiny little Donald Trump in my head that I'm listening to."

Somewhere in the night someone changed lyrics to a song and soon everyone was singing "Jesus loves the little gamblers of the world."

When asked why he liked playing blackjack so much dad says, "I came out of the womb playing blackjack. I gave my momma papercut." (oooooookayyyyy. awkward.)
How'd you get all this money?-Dwayne
I stayed in jail for awhile.-Lori
So crime does pay. -Dad

I have pictures from a photoshoot this past weekend that I want to post but I'm going to do that in a separate entry because this is getting long. :)

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