Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mele Kalikimaka

Christmas started out right with some snow on the ground and some Christmas Vacation on the TV while wrapping presents.

How could you not have Christmas without a little Cousin Eddie, Clark and Aunt Bethany?

The tradition on Josh's side of the family is to go out to eat at the Japanese Steakhouse (YUM) and then return to his parent's house to consume adult beverages and open gifts.

Egg Flippin Mastermind.

 How could you turn down a continuous stream of free sake? Well it's free until your mouth gets too full and you start slobbering all over yourself.

If you're having a bad day, make sure you order a Cheery Coke. I hear they do the trick.

I remember the first year I spent Christmas with Josh and his family and felt so special and felt like things were so official when I realized I had my own stocking on the mantle. 
We always get a nice array of gifts and I won't lie and say that I don't enjoy being an adult and getting stock piled with beer and wine for the holidays. I think Josh managed to walk away with the best gift that night...I mean who wouldn't want Batman boxer briefs?

He's my rockstar in so many ways.
Christmas is spent with my parents, my brother and his girlfriend for the first half of the day and then we venture over to Nana and Papa's for the afternoon. Generally, I'm not too fond of winter and the snowy slushy mess that tends to come with it, but it does leave for some nice scenery on the way out to Mom and Dad's house.

The beautiful tree tunnel all decked out for Christmas.
Santa must have heard that Josh needed some new undies because these ended up in the stocking at my parent's house for him.

And Santa must have heard that my dad has been coming down with a severe case of Monkey Butt because he was given this gift in his stocking.

This year Shauna's family joined us for Pass the Trash, which I hope becomes a regular thing at Christmas because it was fun, and we all walked away with some interesting loot.
Notice my Zen Garden, I'm feeling much much more Zen these days. I decided the bathroom needed some more Zen so I put it in there and now people have taken the liberties to write little messages in the sand. I think it currently says Booger.

Josh stole away with these awesome seaweed snacks. Ahem. Not. We opened these puppies up because the curiosity got the best of us and a few people even dared to put them in their mouth. Blech. Let's just say they're definitely not anything like your average Lay's Potato Chips.
Dad guffaw's at the fact that he's opened yet another pair of scissors. 

Mom gets something nice and practical which was probably later stolen because someone needed it for Baby Layla. 
Backstory: Layla is Shauna's niece and she's almost a year old. Mom opened something and liked how practical it was and then Jess, Shauna's sister and Layla's mom, mentioned how it could be used for Layla's baby food. Naturally, mom felt guilty for being selfish and wanting it to not get stolen. After that we realized that if we just said, "Oh it's for baby Layla" then we had good reason to steal it. I have no clue how a mini screwdriver set could come in handy for an infant, but hey, you gotta play the game right?

See? How could you take anything away from this precious little girl?

Of course everyone deserves a Christmas present so my brother's dog Annie did not get the short end of the stick this Christmas. How you could deny this adorable pup a present?

She got a giant bone, we referenced it as the knuckle of a T-Rex, and I don't think she knew what to do with it because of it's large size in comparison to her other bones. AJ took it into the other room for her to gnaw on and found her minutes later asleep probably feeling defeated by the monstrosity of the bone.
Next it was on to Nana and Papa's for some fun times with Dad's side of the family. There's definitely never a shortage of laughter and delicious food over there.

Best laughing moment of the day plus most disgusting moment of the day was Uncle Mike's reenactment of the day recently where Aunt Trudy popped a large cyst on his back. It was the bottomless cyst apparently until one last final pop caused whatever was inside to shoot out like a missile towards the ceiling causing Trudy to dramatically collapse on the table and say "Oh my God Mike you need to go to the hospital, you're going to die." His imitation of her was spot on. Absolutely hilarious. But the details of the story were pretty gruesome. I still get the heebeejeebees just thinkin about it.

Jack is probably thinking "How did I get myself into this mess? My family is so strange."

Oh well. He'll just have to deal.

Well all in all, it was a very successful Christmas. Lots of laughter, lots of love, lots of food and lots of wine. All that excitement leads to a very tired husband. He's such a trooper. Opening gifts can be such hard work.

Mele Kalikimaka everyone. And Happy New Year!

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