Sunday, September 12, 2010

Light as Subject and Laumeier Sculpture Park

Our first assignment in the photography class was basically to get a feel for our camera and all of its buttons and functions. We were testing different apertures and shutter speeds and ISOs. I'm feeling much more confident in my skills as far as knowing what apertures and shutter speeds to choose in given situations.

This weeks assignment is using light as a subject. After each class I'm always itching to go out and work on the assignment right then and there but that day and a few days after it was nothing but cloudy and rainy. Can't really get much out of those kind of days when you're needing the big yellow ball of fire in the sky to be your subject.

Yesterday afternoon the clouds parted and a beautiful day appeared so I decided to take advantage of it and head out to Laumeier Sculpture park to work on the assignment. I figured there were a lot of abstract statues and pieces of artwork for me to work creatively with and the sun was at a perfect spot in the sky to cast lots of awesome shadows.

Our assignment includes a total of 6 printed images, 2 images that are to be abstracted compositions of light and shadow, 2 images that are to be non-abstract compositions of light and shadow and 2 images that are to be photographs showing a mixture of different light sources.

I'm really happy with some of the images that I took but I still have until the 23rd to turn in the final images so I don't want to settle on anything quite yet. Here's some of what I took yesterday along with a smattering of other photos from the park.

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