Thursday, August 26, 2010

I'm NOT a professional

Owning an SLR camera doesn't mean that all of a sudden you'll be the next up and coming photographer in town. This was something that struck me hardcore today after I started my digital photography class. Back in December we were gifted with a Nikon D3000 from my parents and we were thrilled. Admittedly, I use the camera more than Josh does simply because I'm what you might call a photo whore. Meaning I love to take pictures of anything and everything. Back in the spring I discovered the magic of manually focusing my lens in order to get varying depths of field. My favorite thing to capture was "bokeh". I was pretty pleased with some of the photos that I got out of my trips to Queeny Park and the Botanical Gardens.

See how the flower is in focus and there's that awesome blur behind. Yeah, that's bokeh. It's a shallow depth of field...(so I learned from Pioneer Woman).

This was the extent of my photography knowledge.

Until today.

Today I started my digital photography class and learned that I was so naiive. I finally got to know my camera on a more intimate level.

"Oh that's what that button is for!" "Oh that's why some of my pictures are so grainy!" "Oh wow, yeah aperture, I've heard something about it but didn't know how to change that."

Now I'm shutter happy and want to spend the whole weekend taking pictures of everything. It's like having a major epiphany in life and it's absolutely wonderful. So this is going to become the place where I can lay my photography guts out, the good, the bad and the ugly. As my assignments come in my photography class I'll be posting what I shoot on here just so I can see my progress over time.

Here's to my Nikon and our new relationship. Cheers!

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